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Promotional Bottle Bags


Promotional Bottle Bags

Bottle bags are often used by wine/spirit merchants & retailers looking for a stylish bag option for customers, providing them a safe elegant way to transport wine and spirits.  If you run an exhibition-stand they are also the perfect giveaway kept and used for many years, if you’re in the food industry we can manufacture bags for jars too, they make ideal gift sets for high end jams and relishes.

These bags are a safer way to transport those expensive bottles because they don’t move around, each bottle has its own compartment eliminating the chance of hitting each other like conventional shopper bags do.  Promotional bottle bags come in a number of different styles and finishes, the handles are strong and comfortable for carrying providing customers with a very useful strong bag.

Brand Awareness

Your brand/logo will appear prominently on each bag usually with a large design space depending on the options you choose.  Bags can have a see through window displaying bottles or you can opt out increasing your branding area.  Bottle bags can also help keep returning customers serving as a reminder of your brand for many years making them one of the most cost-effective promotions you’ll ever use.  Some retailers give bottle bags away free when customers order over a certain amount, others subsidise the cost charging a small amount like many of the major supermarkets do.


If you’re a retailer trying to move away from plastic & paper completely then jute bottle bags are a much better option, using reusable plastic is better than disposable plastic bags but they do break and while they can and should be recycled many don’t make it to the recycle centre. You also need to remember that any plastic manufactured comes from oil which can never be replaced, so using renewable products that grow from the ground is often considered a much better environmental option.  Paper bags provide a better carbon footprint as they are biodegradable but the process of manufacturing them using bleaching agents and often some lamination processing is not, particularly when you consider they are used once or twice at the most.  That’s why we recommend Jute bottle bags as a reusable alternative to the above.

Polyethylene (lightweight) 7 1.9 1.3 1
Polyethylene (heavyweight) 20 1.9 3.8 3
Paper 46 1.2 5.5 2
Reusable (PP) 75 2.9 21.8 17
Jute 257 1.5 38.6 60+

What is Jute


Jute is extracted from the bark of the white jute.  It’s a natural fibre with golden and silky shine and hence called the Golden Fibre.  Jute is an annual crop taking about 120 days (April/May-July/August) to grow.  When the plants are about 15–20 cm tall, they are thinned out, they are usually harvested after they flower, before the flowers go to seed.

How long do Jute bags last?

While Jute is biodegradable in 1-2 years and can be recycled the real benefit is in how long jute bags last. You need to use a jute bag approximately 30 times to ensure it has a lower carbon footprint than a single-use plastic bag, mainly due to the increased weight, however they will last much longer than this.

Sourcing Bottle Bags

How your bag is made and where it’s sourced is also a big consideration.  Deckard go to great lengths to ensure we source our bags from the best manufacturers at the best prices but we also ensure they support the farmers with a far trade policy but also we like to go one step further by carbon off-setting the delivery and printing which are two large contributors to pollution.  We do this by investing in the mangrove restoration project which is an excellent and effective ecological project on your behalf. To find out more about this project click the link above. 

Below are a few of our Jute bottle bags, we can also create any bespoke bottle bag you have in mind.

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We want to help you reduce a percentage of your bag carbon footprint by using our promotional bottle bags and we’re sure your customers will appreciate any effort made to reduce environmental impact.  If you’d like to find out more about jute bottle bags or jar bags please contact us we’re always happy to help and answer your questions.  

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