Deckard Promotional Merchandise

Jute Shopper Promotional Bag

Jute is a natural fibre and one of the strongest around.  This fabric is mainly grown in the Bengal area of India and grows fully in 4-6 months. Because of the fibre’s strength , it can be spun into coarse , strong , durable yarn or threads . This yarn is then used to make sturdy hessian or burlap . The fibres are used to make: bags, fabrics, twine/rope .

Jute is one of the world’s most eco-friendly fibres to produce. That’s because it grows without the use of pesticide or fertilizer, can enhance the fertility of the soil it grows in and it doesn’t release microfibers, reducing the pollution of waterways. It’s not only eco-friendly but sustainable. It is sustainable because of its ability to reach maturity in less than 6 months, meaning that less land is required to cultivate it. There’s no need to encroach upon wilderness and natural habitats thanks to its efficiency of growth, it needs little intervention to grow and replenish. Also, it relies on natural rainfall, needing less water to survive .


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