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Promotional 3D USB Gift Box – Heineken Example


This 3D PVC USB gift box is made with high-quality components from a prestigious Sedex approved factory that already supplies many leading worldwide companies. Containing cables for converting, USB charger, and USB memory.

We offer a free designs service all we need is a vector eps of your logo or product to replicate with the memory capacity of the USB Drive,  the power rating required for the phone charger, and the cable adaptors required, if you don’t know just say “standard” and we’ll do the rest

We will submit a design for approval which should take a few days and production takes 3 weeks from approval – we courier the order to you so the lead time is 4-5 weeks

These are highly popular products and the 3D PVC Branding makes them look special and will work for your brand long term – it makes a great gift and the items are available individually if you don’t want a gift set of all 3

The factory makes many 000’s of items every year and has created a vast range of PVC branding to promote teach client’s brand. These range from a simple 3D replica of the logo to a car, a beer bottle a fire extinguisher, or even a camera !  There is no limit to what can be designed and the end result really promotes your company or product

The prices are direct from the factory so are highly competitive

All workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months, MOQ 200 sets or individual items

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